Zapier for Marketing Automation & Saving Time

by Chris Wong

17 December 2016

As a small business owner, I always find small menial tasks eating up time I had planned to be spending on other projects. These tasks may range from replying to client emails, organising priorities for the day, following up on leads and providing support to my clients. This stacked on top of my normal day-to-day marketing activities for both my own business, and my clients.

Now it would make sense for me to find a way to automate certain tasks that were repetitive and menial, right? Correct. So that’s exactly what I went searching for, a tool that automates tasks between applications seamlessly, and easily. This is when I found Zapier.

The simplest way I can explain Zapier is a tool that automates functions between applications using logic that you define. Sounds vague, but let me give you some examples.


  • You can create Trello cards from emails in Gmail (you can finetune this down to sender, subject, etc.)
  • You can create Asana tasks from emails in Gmail
  • You can create Wunderlist tasks from starred emails in Gmail

Google Sheets

  • Save new Eventbrite attendees to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Create Trello cards from new Google Sheets spreadsheets row


  • Create Xero invoices from Stripe, Paypal charges
  • Add new Mailchimp contacts from new contacts in Xero


  • Subscribe new Facebook Ad leads to a Mailchimp list
  • Add subscribers to Mailchimp from a Google Sheets spreadsheet

These are just a handful of applications that you can explore within Zapier, and even when there aren’t defined Zaps already set up, you can create your own with the web hook option (but that’s for another post to explore).

Anyway, down to what I use it for – marketing automation.

I build my own website, and all my client websites with WordPress, and as we know in order to stay relevant in this day in age most businesses will want to expand their online presence with social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram just to name a few.

Zapier will let me post a blog, which I can then either:

  • Post immediately to all my social media platforms through a Zap
  • Or send to other applications which posts them according to your marketing schedule

Or it could work the other way around:

  • Instagram posts are automatically shared to your Facebook page
  • Tweet posts from your Facebook page
  • Share Facebook posts to LinkedIn

The options are seemingly endless, and a single Zap can include multiple functions from one trigger creating an autonomous loops of marketing automation – saving time, and money!

Give me a holler if you would like some more information on how you could use Zapier to automate some of your marketing functions (or even tedious functions you want to get rid of!)

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