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Email Marketing

helping you reach your target audience effectively, and efficiently

Did you know – by the time you have finished reading this sentence 12 million emails would have just been sent.

Email Marketing is an extremely powerful tool for customer engagement, retention, nurture as well as growth. Fortunately for you – with technology literally at your fingertips, setting up an emailing distribution platform is simple and easy to do.

Our email marketing service is designed to take the stress out of planning, scheduling and delivering content to your email list. We’ll work out a schedule, propose content and set up all the dials and knobs so that the email gets delivered where it’s meant to, and on time.
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

get more exposure and awareness, the organic way

Did you know – the #1 result on Google Search gets up to 32% of all traffic from the first 10 results?

Forget the ‘too good to be true’ SEO services that will promise and guarantee you a #1 position on Google. There’s no secret formula, or magic words to mutter under your breath – it really is as simple as checking off a checklist, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

We’ll assess your site (for any no-no’s that Google and other search engines dislike) – then evaluate keywords with you – implement – and finally, monitor the results. We’ll set your site up so that it performs at its best, to rank for the keywords you want it to rank for. It’s that simple.
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(got your attention, didn’t we)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

increase exposure through paid channels with well-defined and targeted campaigns

Ever set up a Google AdWord campaign and see it just munch up your budget without giving you anything in return – not even one measly lead? Well, we’ve all been there unfortunately.

Annoyingly, utilising a Search Engine Marketing strategy such as Google AdWords helps boost your brand awareness, and traffic to your site (when used correctly of course). We’ve come a long way since our first Google AdWord campaign – we’ll do the keyword research, ask questions and understand your business to devise a high-impact AdWord campaign to generate your business leads and sales.
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Social Media Marketing

capitalise on social media’s powerful reach by exploring organic and paid marketing campaigns on each platform

The term ‘Social Media Marketing’ carries a certain amount of ‘taboo’ in recent years due to it’s often inaccurate and overuse.

We see social media simply as another channel for marketing, not so much as strategy devoted to marketing solely on social media. Our service will set you up with a timeline, scheduling, and proposed content to publish, share and interact with to engage your audience.

We’ll monitor the response and revise strategy to better incorporate and accommodate your existing marketing channels to fully implement social media marketing effectively within your marketing mix.
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Grow your online presence

drop us a line to start a conversation on how you can grow your business through online platforms

No matter what it is, email marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and social media marketing, we’d love to help guide you through how we can help, and how you can help yourself grow and nurture your online presence through these online channels.

If you have a question, or simply want more information on our services to see if they are right for you. Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you!

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